‘Big Day for Pre-K’ – Now! Offering Enriched Pre-K Curriculum

Summerlin has partnered with Higgs, Carter, King Gifted and Talented Charter Academy (HCK) in their community based pre-kinder expansion program. HCK is also an Epic Gold-Gain School 2009. Summerlin is the only facility in the area having a partnership with HCK and offering the enriched curriculum. The Texas school ready! Project is an early approach that encourages resources between public and private childcare programs that save at risk preschool aged children from under preparedness. Teachers within the partnerships from public Pre-k settings, Head Start and Licensed Texas childcare programs use reach based, state approved curriculum. Our mission is to create a quality learning environment for all children through their curriculum "Big Day for Pre-K", which is a comprehensive program that incorporates a full year curriculum for pre-k.

This program engages children and integrates all learning domains, including social, emotional, academic and physical development. Higgs, Carter, King (HCK) provides professional development to staff and mentoring and evaluation program. Evaluation program includes individual assessment & readiness evaluation of each child in Rhyme Identification, Sound Matching, Phonological Segmentation, Blending, Letter recognition, Letter Naming Fluency, Number Sense, Geometry and Patterns amongst others.

Summerlin seized this opportunity to partner with HCK and integrate the program and make it a challenging and stimulating experience for our students and ensure our Pre-K graduates are fully prepared to meet the challenges in their next level of learning.

Please reference www.higgscarterking.org if needed.

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