Parent Testimonials

Ten years ago my first son attended Summerlin. As a new mother, I needed assurance that I was leaving my son in a loving, nurturing, and safe environment. When I walked into Summerlin, we were immediately welcomed and were given a tour of the infant room. I knew I was making an excellent choice. The room was clean and organized, there were several toys to accommodate all children and best of all the teacher was happy and playing with the children. My son spent the next five years at Summerlin and had fun, loving teachers and a wonderful experience.

Two years ago, I was blessed with a second son and he is enrolled at Summerlin Day Care. It was such a blessing and relief to see the same trusting and nurturing teachers after almost five years of being away from Summerlin. My son was welcomed with open arms. I am grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives everyday. I thank everyone at Summerlin for the past and present memories and taking great care of my children.

- The Oliveira Family

There’s not a minute, hour or day that goes by that I ever worry about my girls being at Summerlin. My 3 year old always comes home singing a new song and bragging about how she “loves” all her friends in her class. She has grown and learned so much since she started attending school. I love that fact that all the teachers know everyone’s name!! I’m very impressed with all that my daughter has learned in such a short period of time. It shows the staff and owners are nurturing and caring to all the children because they love their job. I put all my trust in these wonderful people to care and love or my girls. I have tried a couple other learning centers and they don’t compare.
- The Parra Family

Summerlin is a great place. All of the teachers take their time with my boys. My 4 year old is excited about learning and my one year old is already trying to count! I feel very welcomed by the owners and they are always willing to listen to my needs as a parent. Thank you! Summerlin for allowing me to have a peace of mind when I drop my babies off everyday.
- Erica Clark

The teachers and staff have always been so kind to my son. He has loved his time at Summerlin. One thing that has stuck me about the care here is that my son is treated as an individual. All the teachers, not just his own, know his name and his interests.

The care & love that has been demonstrated from day one is priceless and goes above and beyond our expectations. We would not ask for a staff more trustworthy than the Summerlin staff. They are unique and dedicated to providing the best experience for every child, especially our son Christian. We treasure the memories we will have with Summerlin Childcare.
- Guerrero Family

I live over an hour away from this daycare and purposely tried to get a job near this daycare. I tried other daycares that were on my route to work and they just don’t compare. My kids are comfortable here, all the teachers know my kids names and vice versa. They make my children feel loved and that is important to me when choosing a daycare. They care for them when they are sick which is important when I have to work. Kids are going to get sick and not always get along with each other but I can feel rested while I am at work knowing they are getting the best care possible and at a good tution rate. There is no comparison. I will always choose Summerlin!
- Moffitt Family

I love this day care but it’s more like a learning center. My kids have grown a lot. I love all the teachers. I think I have had them all. They really love kids and teaching. Very clean & friendly. I really love this place. I will cry when its time for my girls to leave and go to school. Thank you Summerlin for great service.
- Dixon Family

We are very grateful to have Summerlin staff taking care of our 15 month old daughter. Being new residents of S.A., I had enquired all over S.A. and where we felt most comfortable and secure of leaving our toddler was here at Summerlin.
Being that her grandparents were caring for her prior to Summerlin, it was a huge adjustment on both my daughter and us, from my parents to new people. I stop in very regularly unannounced, and between my mother and I, we call a lot, and they have never made us feel like we are a bother. They are very understanding and detailed as to what my daughter is doing the times I call or go by, or what she has done throughout the entire day even if they already notified earlier. They did a wonderful job and still are at making my daughter feel welcome. Thank you Summerlin staff for making us parents feel secure and our toddler at being welcomed.

– Ramirez Family

I had my first daughter in Summerlin before, now I have my second one in Summerlin care. I am very happy with their service. My first daughter went to kinder two years ago. She learned all basic skill such as phonics, full name, recognizing letter and number from Summerlin Pre-K class. She has been performed so good in her big school. I appreciate all teachers hard work in Summerlin. All teachers are very friendly, share their concern about my child. I feel that teachers really care for my child.
– Gyori Family

I can’t say enough good things about Summerlin. My four year old LOVES it! As a working mom, it’s so nice to be able to go to work each day and not worry about my child. Knowing he LOVES his teachers, he’s learning and having fun each day makes it easier. Thank you so much to the superb and caring staff at Summerlin!!
- Christi Freeman

My child has attended the past 4 years the afterschool program at Summerlin. We have always found it helpful the way the children are helped w/their homework. The staff at Summerlin are always well informed and always willing to answer any questions we might have. All the upgrades in the past months have amazed us and we feel safer that our child is in good hands. Thank you Summerlin!
- Perez Family