Curriculum Overview

Summerlin is an early childhood school in San Antonio, TX for ages 6 weeks to 12 years that is passionate about children's care and education. We offer a cohesive, well-rounded program that provides educational care to ignite young minds and spark their curiosity. We strive to create a strong social and educational foundation to pave their way for future success.

We use the Frog Street Curriculum as a base for our program, allowing for age-appropriate learning for infants, toddlers and preschool classrooms, as well as for our services as an after school daycare in San Antonio NISD and summer programs. It is a proven, research-based curriculum, developed by leading educators who believe that children learn best when they are having fun. The curriculum is designed to be engaging to help children equate joy with learning and become lifelong learners. Our teachers have even been recognized for their efforts with our Pre-K child care in San Antonio.

This comprehensive approach allows children to learn and grow profoundly in an enriching and nurturing environment, creating an optimal early learning experience. We are proud to be one of the only schools to have received the Pre-K 4 SA grant award as well as Texas Rising Star accreditation as a Texas preschool in San Antonio.


Summerlin offers a safe and nurturing experience for infants starting 6 weeks of age, allowing parents to be confident.

Babies are so precious and need special care and attention. We know having your baby away from you is a big step, and we assure you we are here for you every step of the way. Our soothing infant room has a nurturing, home away from home environment to ensure a smooth transition.

Our infant program focuses on sensory play, including music, tummy time, motor activities, and much more! Every moment in an infant’s day offers an opportunity to learn, and we optimize these moments for their growth and development.

Our highly experienced teachers guide them through this journey to help them achieve important developmental milestones. They create a set routine and caring environment that fosters their social and emotional growth. Our teachers always strive to meet the needs of each infant, while making them feel safe, secure and happy.


Summerlin has an enriching experience designed for children aged 18 months to 3 years, that is also reassuring for the parents.

Toddlers are always on the move and becoming more independent and verbal as they continue to explore the world around them. So we ensure a safe and secure environment where toddlers can move and explore freely.

Our toddler program emphasizes learning through advanced sensory play with songs, stories and games. We help them recognize and remember sounds, shapes and patterns, and for the older toddlers, letters and numbers too.

Our experienced teachers provide a routine of engaging learning opportunities to foster important developmental skills such as problem-solving, coordination and self-help. They are patient and caring, and guide them through age-appropriate learning experiences that promote their social, emotional and cognitive development.


Summerlin offers a comprehensive preschool experience that combines care, fun and learning for ages 3-5.

Preschool age is when our littlest people really start to grow and come into their own. With improved cognitive abilities and social skills, the world opens up for them. Our preschool classrooms are set up with distinct areas, including STEM, pretend play, tech, block center, library corner and more, to foster this growth.

Our preschool program emphasizes learning through purposeful play with arts and crafts, stories and songs, and poems and pictures. Reading, counting and computer use are also included - all to ensure that our preschoolers are well-prepared for their school years.

Our experienced teachers thoroughly plan out their routines with daily interactive activities to encourage learning and socialization, and promote kinder readiness. They provide a strong educational foundation combined with nurture and adventure to ensure they become lifelong learners.

We are incredibly proud that our teachers have been recognized for their efforts as one of the only preschools in Texas and pre-K in San Antonio, TX to have received the Pre-K 4 SA grant award as well as Texas Rising Star accreditation.

School Age

Summerlin offers flexible care and personalized experience for school-going children, ages 6 to 12. We are also happy to provide after school care in San Antonio, TX to Northside Independent School District (NISD), offering pickup from Locke Hill, Carnahan and Boone Elementary schools.

Whether it is before school, after school, or school breaks, we accommodate their needs. While some children want to finish their homework quietly, others want to be occupied with art and activities. For some, the playground is best, while others want to read and play games. To appeal to these varied interests, we have designed our classroom to have different areas, including homework and writing area, library corner, STEM, block center and more, to ensure we meet every child’s needs. Our nurturing teachers also use an individualized approach to keep children engaged and productive throughout.

Summer Camp

Summerlin has an established summer program for school age children with flexible full time and part time options. We believe a child’s development happens year-round and it should continue also in the summers. We have created an exciting and enriching program that ensures children are having fun and learning.

The children engage in daily interactive activities, including doing science experiments, making paper crafts, learning a dance, having a water and sport day, playing board games and much more. We also go on a field trip once a week. In the past, we have been to parks, bowling alleys, movies, libraries and much more. We have even gotten visits from the fire department and petting zoos.

The children always enjoy our summer program, filled with adventure, education and exploration.